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Regulatory Support

Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR'S)

Global Cosmetic Developments offers cosmetic regulation support and works closely with Cosmetic Safety Assessors from around the UK organising Cosmetic Safety Reports for their clients and keeping abreast with what is required for a product to be compliant under the Cosmetic Safety Regulations.

Product Information Files (PIF'S)

We can provide a cosmetic regulatory support service in which we can work with the clients suppliers and contract manufacturers in order to collate, review and approve PIF’s or to check and review PIF’s required to be in place before product notification.

EU Product Notification and Support with Product Registration Requirements Outside of the EU

Upon confirmation of product compliance we can notify products through the Cosmetics Notification Portal on behalf of their clients. Many countries outside of the EU have a system of pre-market product registration, which requires specific documentation to guarantee that a product is safe and complies with international cosmetic regulations. As a cosmetic regulatory support consultancy, We can work with your suppliers and provide the guidance you need to ensure your products are successfully registered within specified countries. In conjunction with this service we can also liaise with the UK authorities to provide you with Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) that you will need for each product you export outside of the EU.

Responsible Person

The major responsibility for all issues relating to marketing and safety of a cosmetic falls on the ‘Responsible Person’.
A new feature is that a manufacturer or importer may ‘by written mandate’ designate a person established within the community as the Responsible Person, who will carry out all their legal obligations in respect of the new Regulation, including safety assessments, maintenance of product files, registration etc. Global Cosmetic Developments offers a service to act as a company’s third party responsible person.

The Responsible Person is either an individual or a company within the EU:

  • Manufacturers of a cosmetic within the EU
  • Importers of a cosmetic into the EU

The responsible person, under the new Regulation, holds responsibility for all aspects of cosmetic safety from the raw material specification, the manufacturing process, product labelling and claims along with the monitoring and resolution of adverse findings related to product use.

Global Cosmetic Developments offers a service to act as third party responsible person which will ensure:

  • Regulatory compliance with the new EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
  • Safety of products placed on the EU Market
  • A cost effective means of demonstrating due diligence in respect of cosmetics

EU Labelling Guidance and Language Requirements

GCD can provide labelling guidance for products which includes advice on ingredient labelling, regulatory labelling requirements and language requirements for specific markets. We also work closely with language translators and can assist you with advising on what labelling translations you would need for specific markets.

REACH Compliance for Cosmetic Packaging and Accessories

We provide a REACH compliance service which involves working with product manufacturers to collate the bill of materials of cosmetic accessories and sundry items. We then work with external testing houses to identify if the products contain Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC’s) or other non-REACH compliant substances. This is a unique cost efficient way to identify if products require testing for the presence of non-compliant substances that may be present in certain materials and products and offers a much simpler method of achieving REACH compliance.

Global Cosmetic Developments can offer a regulatory support package to clients who have a large product portfolio which will be subject to a retainer fee. If this is of interest please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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